Double Wide

I watched him as he laid there.  All sedated and comatose. I hadn’t seen him in months. He grew out his military cut.  He even grew a beard.  I had never seen him with a beard. In fact, there was a running joke that he referred to both as his “Majestic Hair and Kingly Beard”. […]

I Am Listening

I’ve been thinking long and hard about where this blog is going. And to tell you the truth… I have no idea. There are some of you who read these words because you know me.  We’ve experienced a slice of life or some situation together, and what I have to say may mean something to […]

Vampires and Virgins

I’ve come to take your blood! she said in her thick Puerto Rican accent purposefully laced with a Transylvania twist. It had been so quiet up til then that the sound of her vibrancy shocked my ears. Dressed in bright yellow with bold, hooped earrings swinging from her ears, she smiled a broad and oh […]

Sweet Sanctification

I was deeply blessed to be able to spend long and precious hours alone with my son during those hospital days. I was able to talk to him at great length. About so many different things. The most remarkable thing (and I told him this!) was that he wasn’t able to talk back. That’s only […]

Night Crawlers

It’s strange how sometimes memories of childhood creep to the surface while walking throughout life.  Often at the most offbeat moment. Something happens and suddenly imagery and senses of recollection rise up to remind you that what is being experienced feels strangely familiar.  Oddly symbolic. Like a silent reel to reel family movie playing inside […]

Today is Your Birthday

Son.  My precious, precious, beautiful Boy. (How that word…Son…has taken on a far deeper, more beautiful meaning for me! The word Boy now priceless to me!  A post for another day.) It was on this day thirty eight years ago that you came into the world.  My world. Today is a hard, hard day. I’ve […]

SOS (Please)

I have always known that the Almighty God of the Universe loves to listen to my laments and supplications all tangled up with love and adoration. Longs for them.  He desires to commune with me, and wants to know my every need.  I know that he delights in my words and the aroma of my […]

The Last to Go

I knew my son could hear every single word spoken around him. Some would tell me wishful thinking.  I would say to them…“please, don’t burst my bubble.” I’ve read the articles. Done my research.  I believe that the sense of hearing becomes heightened and fine tuned when the body is in a coma. It’s the […]