Robin Hood

I’ve told you before…and I tell you again.  And probably again and again. When tragedy strikes you develop deep and profound relationships with a chosen few. And that happens pretty fast. People who were once perfect strangers step into your life and hold you up. Allow you to lean on them.  Not physically so much, […]

Rabbit Hole

I walked into the hospital never once considering how long I’d be there. Or even how in the world I’d find my way out. And I tried not to wonder, tried not to think…How would this story end? All in all those hospital days for me totaled 15. The first four I didn’t leave.  I […]


She rolled a cart up to the door and tapped on the door frame. With a quiet smile she announced her role…”Housekeeping!” I found it thoughtful for her to knock first.  The door was always propped wide open…others came in and out freely. No one ever knocked first. She looked to be my age.  I […]