What’s a Momma to do when she can’t get a response?  When she wants so desperately to make her child feel loved (an less afraid) and is desperate to connect on a deeper level.  What can a Momma do that’s deep, personal and intimate? Something that could never be forgotten? Something more than talking to him, […]

Full Circle

It was the sign we all waited for…all of those days hoping and praying. We waited for my son to open his eyes. Surely, after that happened he would be on his road to recovery. I watched as doctors and nurses began a battery of simple tests.  It’s still amazing to me that with all […]

No way but Up from here

I so love the Disney/Pixar movie “Up”.  It’s probably my favorite animated film of them all. Such a sweet,sweet and moving story. As I type I realize there are many analogies I can draw from the movie and apply to what I’m thinking this morning. More than I ever thought.  It’s funny how things rise […]

The Breath of Death

I wonder where all of this comes from. This deep and determined desire to write my story out. Tell my experience like I lived it.  Rehash and revisit a time that most would rather put out of mind. Or tell another day. Another day when it is all far behind. I have to tell you, […]

The Fall

It’s time now to tell you. It’s quite something to me that this post is the hardest to write. I’ve thought and thought and belabored as to how to put it all into words. And I sit here…chair pulled up real close to this desk.  The computer screen glaring with the dare.  Hurts my eyes. […]

Eye Opening

  No doubt about it, from the day I received the dreaded phone call, I was in a desperate state of denial. To be honest, I was not truly aware of my son’s exact condition. I was told that the next 48 hours would tell us what we needed to know. I didn’t go out […]

Riddle Me This

I soon became concerned about the children in our family who were caught up in all of this, too. Most of them lived far away, or if nearby, were home where they were listening. Kids are pretty savvy at putting things together. Overhearing details as the adults talked one on one…or during phone conversations.  They […]