Those Hours to Day…

Hours passed with him breathing like that. Rumbling and roaring. I know that I’ve said this so many times…but I will say it again and again… It was so very hard to hear.  I cannot get that sound out of my mind.  It lulls me to sleep sometimes. How ironic that is. Something so desperately […]

Standing Guard

As I looked around the room I was astounded at the power I felt there. So much power. Too many people.  For sure. But among them Guardians. In Army fatigues. I looked up to see a Soldier on the opposite side of my son’s bed. A Soldier at the foot. And I could feel my […]

Sacred Bull

The entire day of the decision was filled with things I only half remember. I know that there are things tucked away in that day worth writing about. Lots of little signs, miracles, and wonders that stopped me in my tracks. I have some things written down in my notebook that will trigger the memories. I […]


  I’m getting slightly off track of my continued story today.  Well, actually, it’s not far off track. I suppose most everything I ever write from this summer forward will all be tied to my heartbreak somehow. For the rest of my life. How could it be any different? I went to Walmart (of all […]

Hours to Day to Days

It was odd how quickly things transpired from there. Once the decision was made it seemed like there was a giant sigh of relief somehow and so many wheels were set in motion. The hospital was incredibly efficient at this and now I was seeing something quite different. Medical personnel came in and out handing […]

Last Verse

I feel as if I have a song to sing (and trust me, I cannot sing a note.)  But here I am front and center stage a Capella.  Now, I am getting to the last of those hospital days, The last verse of this particular song. I have a feeling my (SON)g will never end.  Why would […]

Lunch Date

Serendipity. One of my favorite words.  I love everything about it. It isn’t a word that’s said much. It’s not one of those words that finds its way into every day conversations. There’s nothing casual about it. It stands alone, really. Exclusive and unique. Just think of the last time you ever heard it…or even […]