Standing Guard

As I looked around the room I was astounded at the power I felt there.

So much power.

Too many people.  For sure.

But among them Guardians.

In Army fatigues.

I looked up to see a Soldier on the opposite side of my son’s bed. A Soldier at the foot.

And I could feel my very own personal Soldier standing behind me.  I now have a new and far, far more precious interpretation and meaning of  “I’ve got your back”.  Yes. I now have experienced this above and beyond all I could have ever thought.

And as that curtain brushed up against me when people came in and out, I could see it.  A Soldier standing at the door.

All of them Standing Watch.

And I swear that if I could see in the Supernatural, they all had wings.  The giant warring kind.

I remember a conversation with my son when he was a young soldier in the Army.  He told of how soldiers kept watch.  How they took turns. How it was real hard to stay awake at times. To remain diligent and steadfast.

But he also said that it was an honor.

As I sat there with my son I realized in the most real of ways that here was not just my son.

Here laid a Soldier.

Down for the count.  My Soldier of a Son was down.

And his unit was there for him.  There for us.

The Power, the Honor, the Dignity.

The Brotherhood.

Standing Guard.



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