CAO (and Penny on the Wall)

The Hotel Days seemed just as open ended as those Hospital Days. Again, I had no clue how long we would be staying. The comforting thing was that at that time, I was surrounded by my family. A handful of them. Those who were right there beside me.  The family that sticks like glue.  I […]

Hotel Days

As I look back on my experience this past summer, my mind has separated it all into three segments of time. I’ve even given each a title (of course I have…I’m so melodramatic like that, if you haven’t noticed thus far). Segmenting time and giving each a title has somehow made it easier for me […]

Extended Stay

Not even a block away from the hospital stood the hotel where I slept. The one I decided I needed to go to after nights of trying to sleep upright in that rock hard, noncompliant recliner that sat in the corner of my son’s hospital room. This hotel is one of those extended stay types. […]

Black Gold (Texas Tea)

The past few days I’ve stopped writing to read over all I’ve written.  I cannot believe that I’ve written thirty three posts. Man, that’s a lot of time and space dedicated so far. I haven’t told the story in its entirety yet…because there are so many things woven in and between and beyond that need […]


I had to make some hard phone calls then. It wasn’t lost on me that this is how it all started.  How it all began. That day a few weeks prior when the phone call reached me. How easy it is these days.  No need to dig for phone numbers scribbled out on scraps of […]