BBQ (and Honey)

What does a family do when it’s all over?  When you’ve just gone through one of the saddest and most dreaded experiences of a lifetime? Well, Eat. Of course. Even if you don’t feel like it.  Even if you think that all you want to do is take these dried up, brittle and broken bones […]

If You Are Reading This…

Chances are…if you are reading this it is because I just went public on Facebook. And since I’m so first born and therefore bossy…I want to tell you the best way to navigate this blog. I suggest you first go to “About” and read a bit about me.  That always helps. I started writing in […]

The Burial

The Funeral service was over.  Just like that. My head was spinning. It was as if I was then transported through a surreal tunnel of thickly paneled, transparent walls…like I was surrounded by bubble wrap.  I could not feel my feet against the floor.  I could not hear anything but the roar of people talking […]

The Funeral

I’m at a point in this posting journey of The Funeral itself. Who on this earth wants to recount an event like this? I remember waking up to it finally being the day.  Because all in all the day of my son’s Funeral had painstakingly arrived after nine days of waiting. Many of those days […]

Viewing (and Rings of Gold)

I don’t want you to think I’m trying to evoke pity from you when I tell you that I’ve lost so much in my lifetime. No, I don’t want pity. The many losses are simply my reality. I won’t list them here, but let me tell you.  I know loss. I know grief.  Firsthand. And I know […]

Roll Call

Last night was a restless sleep. I kept thinking about all the nights the past months since the first of last year. Something was happening to me that I can only begin to comprehend now. Something few would ever really believe. Seriously, let alone me. I’ve been one to worry. About too many things. Though, […]

What to Wear? (and mani/pedi)

There came a time when I looked in the closet at that extended stay hotel and realized I had nothing fitting to wear to my son’s Memorial. Nothing fitting for a Funeral. I didn’t go out to Texas thinking I’d need anything remotely close to mourning wear. I could not show up in casual summer […]