No Place Like Home

During the first fuzzy and surreal weeks home — when all was quieting down and everything began settling over me — one by one letters started showing up in my mailbox. Important looking letters in formal envelopes imprinted with Army insignia up on the left hand side near the return.  My name and address typed […]


I’ve heard it said that the days are long but the years are fleeting. As if I never knew that before.  I always thought I understood that, but now I know that I know. Yes. This is true. Today is the One Year mark of my son’s death. It’s gripping to me that exactly one […]


Day by day, it became clear to me that something was settling heavy over me. Little by little, the reality was trying to creep in, at first swirling around my feet, trying to trip me up. Trying to pull me down and make me fall on my face. I was surprised at how all of […]