Welcome.  Consider yourself embraced.  Looked straight in the eye as you hear me tell you how very glad I am to meet you (and I will call you by name).  I want you to feel noticed.  Cared for.  Immediately upon first meeting I want you to feel at ease.

I’m “about” to tell you my story.  Many stories and ideas if this blog stays up and running. I hope you’ll find places of connection.   Times when you feel like you fill that need for a friend and times when you realize that life is good.  Even though it can be hard.

You are here to learn who I am. If you’re like me, before you decide to read anything…you want to know who wrote it and why they write what they do. I rarely pick up a book or read anything without flipping it over or opening it up to read about the author first. I know how important this is.

My name is Libby. At this point in time, I am in my early fifties.  I am married and my husband and I have four children. Three are my biological children and one, my step son. There is a generation gap between the first three children and my youngest son, who is now thirteen years old. He is my beautiful bonus baby and was born when I was 41. Our older crew are grown, functional, incredible adults who have families of their own, and they have given us a brood of sweet, delightful grandchildren. So much in between and beyond is missing from this paragraph…like becoming a mother at 16…divorced at 22…four years of being a single mom…second marriage…struggling to blend a family…home schooling…all kinds of hard knocks and beautiful moments.

On to some curriculum vitae (Latin for “résumé” – but I prefer the definition of “the course of one’s life”…much more interesting!). I have a degree in Christian Counseling which was earned in my 30’s. Along the way I’ve been involved in several positions that utilized my degree. I volunteered and worked in Hospice for a few years…which was my favorite work and greatest teacher. I learned far more from the people I sat with in Hospice than I did all those years chipping away at a degree. Being a chaplain of women’s prison ministry was by far the hardest, most draining position I have ever undertaken. Amazingly powerful, miraculous, and mind blowing things happened during that year and I walked away with some of the most life changing and dynamic lessons of my life – one being the exercise of courage.

I set up a tiny office on the second floor of an old rickety Main Street building and decided to minister to whoever needed counsel. Those few years were sweet to me and I look back on them with great affection. I met some amazing people in that space…and in the sitting with those willing to open up and share their lives with me I grew leaps and bounds.

Woven in and between the years have been experiences like teaching some very dynamic Bible studies and doing a bit of speaking here and there. I love all things art and am deeply moved by beauty. I’m handy, resourceful, and can do most anything – a Jane of all trades kind of person. I’ve traveled a bit…Europe, Israel, and a few other pinch-me-I-can’t-believe-I’m-here places.

As I pause to review these paragraphs, tears well up in my eyes. My internal critic tells me to edit most of it…but I simply can’t. I am one of those people who would rather stay a hair under the radar, and when I began typing the first few words I realized that all this introductory of who I am is part of the journey.

This is it. Life. Mine to be exact. The living and the breathing and the pulsing rhythm of who I am. The story of my life on the pages of a screen. Spelled out on the left side of a cursor. To the right…completely blank white space imploring to be typed, the steady, flashing pulse of that cursor reminding me of my beating heart, reminding me to take a chance and live. Really live.

And this blog? Well, that’s what it’s all about.

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